Szeretettel várja állapotjavulásra vágyó Vendégeit a Test Kontroll Hajdúszoboszlón, a belváros közvetlen közelében, csendes, nyugodt környezetben.

About consultation

Complete body checkup using the latest modern technology.
Complete detailed analysis of the results. Open discussion with detailed summary.
Recommendation of personalized dietary plan and herbal remedies for the improvement of health condition.

Health & Safety

When not to have bioresonance analysis:

  • in case of pacemaker
  • in case of fever or viral infection

What to do before bioresonance analysis:

  • avoid coffee, energy drink and other stimulants 12 before checkup
  • limited fluid intake before testing

About me

Amanda Szilágyi

I am a fully qualified medical herbalist with 8 years experience and naturopath having studied at the CNM, London, UK.

During my practice I always focus on the background of the problems using a bioresonance machine which can distinguish more than 13000 substances (like bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses etc.) I believe that taking out the root-cause provides safer solution than “stroking the surface”.

That is why at the end of my consultations I always offer a dietary plan and list of herbs which are suitable for the body based on the patient’s condition.

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Complete body analysis
12.000 Ft

10.000 Ft

Fieldwork (traveling to patient)
5.000 – 15.000 Ft
(according to distance)


Amanda Szilágyi

 00 36 30 691 9780

Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló, 60. Gábor Áron street